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3M Interconnect Products
  • 3M™ Twin Axial Internal Cable Assemblies
  • 3M™ Twin Axial External Cable Assemblies
  • 3M™ Round Conductor Flat Cables
  • 3M™ Cable Assemblies
  • 3M™ Input/Output Connectors
  • 3M™ Wire-to-Wire Connectors
  • 3M™ Board-to-Board Connectors

  • Amplifiers & Linear: Operational Amplifiers, Special Amplifiers, Comparators
  • Isolation: Digital Isolation
  • Interface: CAN, LIN, MLVDS, 12C, RS232, RS485
  • Data Converter: ADC, DAC, AFE, Temperature Sensor
  • Linear Power: LDO, Voltage Reference, Load Switch, Hot-Swap
  • DCDC Power: Buck/Boost, Isolated Power, POE
  • Battery Management: Charger, Protector, Gauge, BMS AFE
  • Supervisors: uP Supervisor, Sequencer, System Monitor
  • Drivers: Gate Drivers, Motor Drivers
Alium Batteries
  • Battery Cells and Battery Packs for the Medical, Industrial, Consumer, and IoT Markets
  • Lith-Poly, Li-Ion, LiFeO4, Li-SOCI2
  • BMS - Battery Management Systems
  • PCB for Protection and Charging Solutions
  • Specializing in Shaped and Curved Cells
  • Single Cell and Full Pack Options, Plastic Case Design and Molding
Bourns Logo Bourns, Inc.
  • Trimming and Linear Motion Potentiometers
  • Resistor and RC Networks, Chip Resistors and Arrays
  • Dials, Encoders, Panel Controls, Precision POTS
  • Fuel Cards, Switches, Modular Contacts
  • Multifuse, Telefuse, Singlefuse, TISP, LPM, GDT, Chip Guard
  • Chip Diodes, Transient Block Unit
  • Inductors, Power Chokes, and Transformers
  • Integrated Passive and Active Devices
Emerging Display Technologies (EDT)
  • Displays: TFT, CSTN, STN
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Smart Embedded
Eurasia Power
  • AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies, Medical Power Supplies, Adapter Power Supplies, Medical Adapters
  • Wall Mount Power Supplies with Fixed or Interchangable Plugs
  • Smartphone and Tablet Power Supplies, Industrial Rated Open Frame Power Supplies, 80PLUS Platinum Server Power Supplies
  • Battery Backup ATX Power Supplies with DC Input and UPS
  • Din Rail Power Supplies as well as Modified Standard and Custom Power Supplies
Fineline USA/Suntech Circuits 
  • Your Complete PCB Supply Chain Manager
  • Engineering Design Support, 24 Hour Quote Turnaround
  • All Technologies: Double Sided, Multilayer, HDI, Aluminum Based, Flex, Rigid-Flex, All Materials
  • Domestic and International Sources, Protos and Production Volumes
FCL Components
  • Relays: Electomechanical PCB Mounted Relays for Power, Automotive and Signal Switching Needs
  • Thermal Printers: 2/3/4/6/8 Inch Wide, 24V & 5V Powered Print Mechanisms, Controllers, MCU, Integrated Units, Handheld Mobile, POS 
  • Touch Panels: 4-Wire Resistive 5.7~15 Inch (Standard & Custom), PCAP Glass-Film-Film 7~21.5 Inch (standard & Custom)
  • Wireless Modules: BT Bluetooth®, BLE 4.2, BLE Beacons, BLE Sensor Beacons, BLE Dev Breakout Boards
Lite On Logo Lite-On, Inc. USA
  • LED Lamps, Single and Multi-Digit Displays
  • 7 Segments Displays, Dot Matrix
  • Opto-couplers, IR emitters
Micro Crystal
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Modules Ultra Low Power in Compact Packages
  • Low Power Oscillator based on Tuning Fork Technology
  • 32.768 kHz Quartz Crystals
Sunon, Inc.
  • AC/DC Fans and Blowers
  • Fan Assemblies and Trays
  • Fan Accessories
Taiwan Semiconductor
  • MOSFETs, Power & Bridge Rectifiers
  • DIAC & Thyristors
  • Optocouplers
  • Amplifiers & Comparators
  • Linear & Switching Regulators
  • LED Drivers
  • Thermal Management Material & Circuits: Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS®), Custom IMS PCB's and Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
  • 650V and 900V Gallium Nitride (GaN) Transistors
  • Highest Quality and Highest Reliability GaN FETs
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio - Standard Packages
  • JEDEC and AECQ-101 Qualified
ZF Electronic Systems
  • Snap Action, Rocker, Key and Push-Wheel Switches
  • Hall Effect and Reed Sensors and Assemblies