West Electronic Solutions

Our 50+ years in the business of selling Electronic Component products has given us the know-how to positively impact your top line. The West Electronic advantage gives you the following tools to increase your sales.

  • Synergistic Products: Our line card consists of products that are meant to be sold together. This compatibility makes selling your products easier and more efficient.
  • Territory Knowledge: The majority of our salespeople have sold in their respective territories for over 15 years.
  • Market Penetration: Because of our longevity in the market place our salespeople have long lasting and comprehensive relationships with the major OEM's in their territories.
  • Professional Sales Management: Our Principals receive the benefit of a professional, organized sales agency marketing their products in the Southwestern United States.
  • Application Engineers: As 85-90% of our sales calls are at the engineering level, we offer professional Field Application Engineering support to help our customers with their engineering and design needs.