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Trimming and Linear Motion Potentiometers, Resistor and RC Networks, Chip Resistors and Arrays, Dials, Encoders, Panel Controls, Precision POTS, Inductors, Power Chokes, Fuel Cards, Capacitors: MLCC'S: High Voltage, High Temp Ceramics; Through Hole and Surface Mount Ceramics; Solid and Organic Tantalum SMD, Low ESR Tantalums SMD; MIL Ceramic and Tantalum; Stacked Ceramics; Solid Aluminum SMD; EVOX RIFA/Arcotronics: Alum. Electrolytics, Films


LED Lamps, Single and Multi-Digit Displays, 7 Segments Displays, Dot Matrix, Lighted Indicators


Switches, Modular Contacts; Snap Action, Rocker, Key, and Push-wheel Switches; Hall Effect and Reed Sensors and Assemblies, Interconnect Solutions for Networks and Telecom Infrastructures, Consumer Electronics, Data Storage, Medical, and Instrumentation Applications, Board to Board, Board to Cable, Memory Sockets, Flex to Board, Backplane, Media Card Systems, Input/Output, Cable Assemblies Power, Connectors (High Reliability Circular Quick Connect/Disconnect): Plastic and Metal, Coaxial, Unipole, Multipole, High Voltage, Triaxial, Fiber Optic, SMPTE, Fluidic, Thermocouple, Mil COTS; Plastic Fasteners and Wire Management Devices, Circuit Board Hardware, Fan Accessories, Custom Components and Casters, Cord-sets, Test Jacks and Probes, AC/DC Fans and Blowers Fan Assemblies and Trays, Fan Accessories; Modular Electronic Enclosure Systems, EMI/RFI Shielded Cabinets, Modular Desk/Console Assemblies, Isonet-Network Enclosures, Accessories including Slides, Blowers, Fan Trays and Power Distribution Strips; Custom and Industry STD Connectors: D-Sub, HDMI, USB, IEEE1394, DVI and Custom Cable Assemblies, Wide Range of Mini-Din, Audio Jacks, Modjacks and DC Power Jacks: Electomagnetic Interface Shielding Materials, Thermoelectric Coolers (TECS), Air Conditioners, Recirculating Chillers, Cold Plate Assemblies, Thermal Interface Materials – Gap Fillers, Thermally Conductive Insulators and Greases, T-Lam System for Making Thermally Conductive PCB’s; PCB Terminal and Connections, Variety of Entry Angles, Pitches and Connection Technologies with Single and Multi-Row Options


Pure Lead Battery Technology, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Linear and Switching Power Supplies, Internal, Desktop, Stand Alone, and Wall Mount Power Supplies Standard, Semi-Custom, and Full Custom, Ultra Small, High Efficiency Power Supplies


Multifuse, Telefuse, Singlefuse, TISP, LPM, GDT, Chip Guard, Chip Diodes, Transient Block Unit, Integrated Passive and Active Devices and Transformers, Solid State Relays, Clare Opto-couplers, Lite On Opto-couplers, IEC, Filter/Switch Combos, PEM’s, Fuses, Fuse Holders and Circuit Breakers EMC: Hi-Current Filters and Chokes


Keyboards and Keypads (Custom and Standard) Vandal Proof Switches, Keyboards and Membrane Keypads, Custom Keyboards, Backlit Illuminated Keyboards, Medical Keyboards, Industrial Keyboards


Custom Assembled Front Panels, Battery Assemblies; Custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies Available